Landscape Scenarios creates innovative design solutions that respond to unique environmental settings and address clients' needs and preferences. Founded in 2006 by Connie Yu (ASLA), Landscape Scenarios provides full landscape architectural design services.

Connie Yu received her Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has worked in landscape architectural firms across the United States, including the east coast, the Rocky Mountains and the west coast before moving to Santa Monica. Each location had very different regional landscapes, climate conditions and plant communities. In addition, the offices had many different project types, including high-end residential, institutional and commercial projects. The diversity of place and practice created a wide range of demands, and Connie developed her expertise in response. The flexibility, creativity and knowledge of regional design gained there continue to inform and inspire her work today.

Good design is balance. It is based on integration of the natural and the man-made, the creation of both privacy and view and the integration of inside and outside spaces.

A garden is more than a collection of plants: it is a transitional zone between a man-made environment and nature. In the same way, landscape architecture is more than exterior decoration, more than an afterthought. Rather, it is a work of synthesis based on collaboration between client, architects and the physical setting.

When working with a new construction site or when adding landscape design to an existing building, the process is much the same. The synthesis across disciplines of architecture, engineering and landscape architecture addresses the challenges of the site, the geography and the wishes of the client. The client is always treated as a creative partner.

Every site has its own constraints, but also presents a range of opportunities and design scenarios. The essence of landscape architecture is a process that discovers the potential of a site and brings harmonious design to fruition.

Connie Yu is a licensed landscape architect in the State of California. She is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). In addition to her practice, she also served as a member of Mulholland Design Review Board.